Mark Zuckerberg's Year of Books

Mature, public conversation about issues that matter is foundational for democratic society. I am delighted that Mark Zuckerberg's "A Year of Books" offers such an opportunity. To contribute to that dialog, I will offer commentary on each of the readings proposed by Zuckerberg.

I have written about why I think this sort of dialog is important here.

To read an individual commentary, simply tap on the caption below the book.
The End of Power
Our Better Angels
On Immunity

Gang Leader for a Day

Creativity, Inc.
The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

Rational Ritual
Dealing with China

The New Jim Crow

Orwell's Revenge

The Muqaddimah

Energy: A Beginner's Guide
The Player of Games


The Varieties of Religious Experience
Portfolios of the Poor
Why Nations Fail
The Rational Optimist
The Three-Body Problem
The Idea Factory
World Order