Catholic Schools: Dividends for Life

2:09 PM

Today begins Catholic Schools Week. St. Adalbert Parish is blessed with an "exemplary" Catholic school-- it is not just me saying so-- the State of Indiana has agreed every year that they have been evaluating Hoosier schools!

Bishop Kevin Rhoades, pictured at left, said it well: "A Catholic school is not just a physical place; it is a spiritual reality" as it is commissioned to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

That reality, built on Christ, requires students (naturally), devoted faculty and staff, parents, friends, clergy and religious. An "exemplary" teacher is Annette Romans, sitting to the left of Msgr. Bill Schooler (in the front row). Annette goes above and beyond the call of duty with her students. She serves on our school board. She works closely with parents in the Home And School Association (HASA). Annette was named our Light of Learning winner for 2010. Thank you, Annette, for all you are and do!

Thanks, too, to all who have a part in making St. Adalbert an exemplary Catholic school.

(And thanks, Mom and Dad, for the sacrifices to send me and my siblings to Catholic schools!)

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