Our Lady of Guadalupe at St. Adalbert, 2009

Today is, simply put, my favorite liturgical feast. The fervor and devotion of our parishioners is what brings life and energy to this day.

In 1531, when Our Lady appeared to Juan Diego, Mexico was in darkness. The indigenous had been conquered by Spanish invaders. Their world, as they knew it, had collapsed. Imported diseases wrought a horrific toll on the indigenous population. Indeed, there was darkness, and Our Lady was a light that shone in the darkness. She brought new purpose to the people of Mexico. Now, almost five-hundred years later, she brings light to the Americas and people the world over. She, like her Son, calls us to be light to the nations, to push back the darkness.

Even before Mass began, the church was full of the faithful.

The choir sang the traditional Marian hymns. This feast is a Feast of "Flor y Canto," Flower and Song. The choir is essential to this celebration.
Likewise, La Sociedad Guadalupana is essential to this Feast. They promote devotion to Our Lady throughout the year. They plan and organize the celebration. They lead the novena in the days leading up to the feast.